Fabletown and Beyond will be a convention entirely designed to discuss, promote and celebrate comic books that fall within the Mythic Fiction realm.

The convention will take place in two locations in town, connected by sky bridges. The first is the Mayo Civic Center, where we will have most of those things commonly associated with a good comic convention: A dealer’s area, tables for the artists and writer guests to meet the public and sell their wares, and programming rooms, for multiple tracks of panels, speeches, debates and so on. It’s a huge modern facility and we’ll have a section of it all to ourselves.

The other location is the Kahler Grand Hotel, which will be the official convention hotel, plus provide us with our larger meeting facilities. The Kahler’s grand ballroom, which looks like a throwback to a medieval (dare I say it? – fairytale) palace is where our bigger evening events will take place: The Friday evening opening ceremony, and Saturday afternoon’s Guest of Honor speech, followed by cocktail reception.

The other Kahler Hotel facility is none other than a full Elizabethan era bar, which we will be taking over for our exclusive use, for the entire three days. The idea of this room (which is actually many rooms), beyond pampering, is to have a place open the entire time the convention is underway, where the fans can meet and talk to (and maybe even buy a drink for) the guests and creators in a much more relaxed and bon vivant setting than the usual formal table visit or panel discussion.

I know at least one of our invited guests who thinks any convention is best when spent entirely at the bar, holding court. We also agree that’s a very civilized idea and decided to make it happen.


What is Mythic Fiction?

Mythic Fiction comics are Fables and Sandman, The Unwritten, Bone, Kill Shakespeare, Mice Templar, Stuff of Legend, Memorial, Fairest, The Abominable Charles Christopher, Mouse Guard, Hellboy, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Arrowsmith, House of Mystery, Castle Waiting, and dozens more truly wonderful books.

Mythic Fiction is that magic-bound alliance of fairytales, folklore, myth, legend, talking animals and characters from literature, given new life, new challenges to face and new adventures to chronicle.

And it’s also the strongest, most vital, movement in comics since superheroes moved in, took over and eventually dominated the comics marketplace for half a century.