It’s been a little while since we posted an update here on the Fablescon site, so let’s provide you with a little news about what’s going on in convention world.

First of all, we’ve announced a few more guests on our Who’s Coming? page. Like who? Well, you all knew Mark Buckingham was unofficially joining us as the Guest of Honour, but he’s now OFFICIALLY joining us since his photo and bio have been added to the site. In addition to Mr. Buckingham, other guests include the masterminds behind Monkeybrain Comics, Chris Roberson and Allison Baker (if you aren’t familiar with Monkeybrain yet, you should go get acquainted ASAP), artist extraordinaire Gene Ha, Kurt Busiek and most recently added, the team behind Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer, Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins.

And secondly, if you aren’t currently following us on Twitter and/or Facebook, you should really consider doing that soon. All week we’ve been giving out prizes to lucky people as they answer various Fabletown and Beyond trivia questions. The prize train is coming to a halt for a few days, but it’ll be back up and running soon enough and you should make sure that you’re following us so you don’t miss your chance to win.

That’s all the updates we have for now, but stay tuned and if you aren’t already signed up for the web site newsletter, you should also consider doing that. Oh, and buying your tickets. You should definitely consider buying your tickets to the convention.

We realize that some of you are hesitant to buy tickets to Fablescon because you’re under the impression that the world is going to end soon, thanks to that pesky prediction by the Mayans.

Whether or not that happens, the Fablescon Board of Directors (made up of Bill Willingham, Fitzroy Fauntelroy, Annamaria Montebella and Mr. Jenkins (who will one day not be thwarted by those pesky kids)have decided to extend this guarantee to you:

If you go ahead and buy your hotel, flight and ticket to Fablescon (taking place on March 22-24), should the world end on December 21, you will get a FULL REFUND on all your expenses, no questions asked (how’s THAT for customer service?).

So, we hope that with this fear conquered that you will go ahead and pledge yourself to attending our convention in sunny/snowy (tomato/tomahtoe) Rochester, Minnesota.

Programming and Show Hours

We’ve been brainstorming for quite some time with the guests of Fabletown and Beyond (as well as taking suggestions from the attendees of the show ) about what panels to run during the convention. While we haven’t announced who will be on these panels yet, we’ve just posted a list of the some of the programming you can expect from Fabletown and Beyond. Make sure you visit our Programming page for the details.


Lots of you have been asking about what the hours of the convention will be and (while the hours are still a bit of a work in progress) here they are:

Friday March 22, 2013

Dealer set up begins at 10 am
Badge pick up begins at 12 noon
Convention opens at 3 pm
Bar opens at 6 pm
Dealer’s Room closes at 7 pm
Last Programming ends at 11 pm
Bar closes at 2 am


Saturday March 23, 2013

Convention opens at 10 am
Bar opens at 11 am
Dealers Room closes at 6 pm
Last Programming has not been set yet for this day
Bar closes at 2 am


Sunday March 24, 2013

Convention opens at 9 am
Bar opens at 9 am for Morning Bloody Marys with Mike
Everything closes at 6 pm