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Topstar Head Point Comfort Swivel Chair image 1The Topstar Head Point Comfort Swivel Chair Convenience swivel chair with shape shaped mesh back-rest. Seat elevation flexible in various positions by Toplift (LGA shown). Ergonomic countour shaped backrest, height adjustable by means of raster system with integrated lumbar support. Hassle-free moulded seat with comfy reinforce for knees. Point syncro system, topstar chair best pc chair for the adjustment of the seat and also the back-rest angle. The body topstar chair review weight is individual flexible and also lockable in numerous placements. Consisting of elevation adjustable armrests P4. New design polyamide base black, furnished with stopped double wheel safety and security castors for carpet floorings. This product has the GS-sign of the LGA Nuremberg as well as complies to all security requirements.Seat with a black textile cover (100% Polyester), backrest eqipped with black mesh cover (100 % Polyester). Seat elevation, -width, -depth: 39-51 cm, 50 cm, 46 cm; Backrest elevation: 59 cm.Optionally offered: Special castors for difficult floorings e. g. marble and also stone floorings, post code 6990. Please note that the chair will be provided partly disassembled. Max. individual dimension: 1,92 m, Max. customer weight: 110 kg, Max. utilizing time each day: 8 hours. Been using this chair for a great couple of months now.

This Topstar Head Point Comfort Swivel Chair Have back pains and this chair is fairly comfy. Easy to assemble as well as functions well on your wood floor. This is an excellent office chair. It fits, very easy to set up, durable as well as well made as well as flexible. Offers superb back support. Perfect for lengthy hrs in front of a computer or at a work station. Excellently packaged. Can be found in a big box with a serrated front flap that tears open. Package includes the three primary little bits – the backrest, the seat as well as the pedestal, along with the screws, crucial to screw in the bolts, washing machines and armrests, Sets up very conveniently. I did it in much less than 5 mins and also with minimal effort. The wheels stand out into the stand, the armrests screw onto the seat, the seat clips onto the base and the backrest slides right into the seat … and you’re done.The seat is really comfortable as well as slightly contoured. The backrest is additionally extremely comfy as well as has adjustable lockable tilt, or could be left giving flexible support. The armrests are flexible backwards and forwards and can be made broader apart by gliding them out and also screwing them in place once again. Really durable as well as well made. The wheels glide efficiently and also calmly.

Topstar Head Point Comfort Swivel Chair is  comes well packaged in a huge box. It is mainly disassembled although all but the arm relaxes can be constructed without tools and within a couple of minutes. The chair wheels simply connect to the five-spoke base, the pneumatic spring as well as cover slide into the base, the chair sits on top and the backrest slides right into the mechanism behind the seat. You will need to use the two allen keys and also 6 screws to attach the arm relaxes. It’s a lot easier to access the screw openings on the base of the seat prior to it’s completely set up. The chair would certainly seem to function almost too without including the arms if you’re short of area and wish to have the ability to press the chair totally under a workdesk. In use the chair could be changed in numerous means. The elevation is set by a bar under the seat. The pneumatic spring is adjustable based on the customer’s weight using a swivel knob on the seat base, the back-rest angle as well as seat angle adjust through a second lever under the seat although together and not separately as well as the height of the seat back could be readjusted by backing up the seat as well as relocate up or down. If fitted the armrests also adjust up or down through a ratchet mechanism. As soon as you have actually got the setups to suit your needs – which might take a bit of time to get entirely best – the seat is really comfy in prolonged use. Topstar recommends that it must be utilized for approximately 8 hours which is practical.

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  • Convenient moulded seat with comfortable bolster for knees
  • Point syncro mechanism, for the adjustment of the seat and the backrest angle
  • Including height adjustable armrests P4

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